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Next event: Monthly Club Meeting - Wednesday May 30, 2018.

This Notice to Air Men (NOTAM) is a new permanent feature to inform you about field availability & new information. Check back often as this information will be regularly updated.

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March 3, 2018 was...

...the annual Stetson Winter Fun Fly Event!

How do you describe a Canadian winter flying event? ...cool... ehhh

A warm morning (6.5C compared to the 1st Flight of the year, but a stiff cross wind just to make things interesting and keep you on your toes..... rudder lads, rudder.

What a great way to spend a morning, flying with friends at a great club; how can one not enjoy themselves; warm shelter, hot coffee, Sue's chili, buns and coffee and the same rule still applies - sure beats a warm day at work anytime!

A special thanks to our sponsors Great Hobbies and Orleans Hobbies, and volunteers who braved the elements to make this another great Stetson Flyers event.

Thanks guys and gals, your time and effort greatly appreciated - you make these events happen!

Sue & Hal MacDonald
Event coordinators

Photos: Hal MacDonald. Click image above for the album.

January 1, 2018 was...

...the annual Stetson First Fly Event!

This year's First Fly event was the coldest on record with the temperature recorded (by Dan at 6:30am) of -32C, -39C with wind chill. It was cold enough that a gas engine threw a rod and Hal's camera (brand supressed) autofocus froze.

13 brave souls showed up to compete for the all important 'first to fly' honor.

Many thanks to Dan, the executive, Hal & Sue for field prep, rice crispies and the essential hot coffee courtesy of Casselman McDonalds.

Special thanks to our sponsors Great Hobbies and McDonalds.

Enjoy the pictures.

Photos: Goose. Click image above for the album.

Stetson Web History...

Wednesday March 28, 2018 is the next scheduled meeting at the Aviation Museum. Catch up with club members and let everyone know what you have been upto this winter.

Meeting starts at 7:30, come in through the front door.

January 2018 Newsletter Available!


The St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School in Russell... weather station is back up and running and according to John Jackson, and is finally a 24/7 operation. That's great news for us as we are unsure whether we will have luxury of Dave Colpits on-site system this year. St. Thomas Aquinas CHS is 9.8km SSE of the Stetson field.

Click here for Stetson field weather history & details.

Click here for the St. Thomas Aquinas CHS weather history & details.

Click here for a map of the field for weather.

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