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New Features...

The radio programming seminar...

was held during the May club meeting and was delivered by Isabel Deslauriers of IMAC fame.

The complexities of the subject were handled extremely well, catering for both the beginners and the more advanced by Isabel's color coded Powerpoint presentation. Everyone appeared to leave with a lot of new-found knowledge and enthusiasm for IMAC and tuning their radio setups for better flight.

On behalf of Stetson members and the executive, Thank you Isabel!

Pictures :Hal MacDonald

Dinner Meeting Announcement:

Stetsons May 29 club meeting will be a Dinner Meeting and Social Mixer at:

D&S BBQ, Carlsbad Springs.
6501 Russell Road, Carlsbad Springs, ON. K0A 1K0
phone: 613-822-8652

All club members and guests are invited to attend this function for great food, good friendship, and good times!

We will begin the Social Mixer at 5:30 pm and dinner will be at 7pm.

PLEASE NOTE: We need you to sign up in advance for this, no later than May 23, 2012.

Orleans Hobbies have kindly agreed to help us with the signup sheet and $10 per person pre-pay.
Please visit Orleans hobbies and get your names on the sheet.
They will collect $10 per person from you at that time and you will be given a dinner ticket for each person.
We will return the $10 to you at the door on May 29.

The Stetson Winter Fun Fly... was postponed to Sunday March 4, 2012 due to bad weather. The wind in the previous 24 hours reached 75.6kph.

A dozen brave souls arrived with 5 aircraft and flew a good part of the day despite the -9.9°C temperature that felt much colder with the WSW wind.

The fire barrel was kept well stocked and warmed everyone between flights. Chilli was prepared for lunch and made for some happy pilots.

Thanks to all who organized and participated to make this a successful event.

Pictures : Goose.

January 1, 2012... not only heralds the beginning of a new year but sees the Stetson club's 36th year of operation.

Each year on the first day, members head to the field to participate in the First Flight competition which resulted in 21 brave souls venturing out in the very mild weather (this year) and the following:

  • Winners Gas & Nitro Planes

  • 1. Mike Amodeo

  • 2. René Lepage

  • 3. Luc Bélisle

  • Winners Electric Planes

  • 1. Pierre Ménard

  • 2. Dave Percy (assisted for the launch)

  • 3. Barry Hanna

Tim Hortons coffee was served and the weather was perfect for flying with a light ESE wind of 6.5kph and a temperature of -5°C.

Goose arrived with several year's worth of damaged aircraft to offer to the airplane gods as a sacrifice on behalf of all members. This provided not only 'good karma' but some much appreciated warmth from the cermonial fire barrel.

Only one crash to report in which René Lepage's baby resulted in a complete write-off. He needed the space for a new plane anyways.

Pictures provided by the ever reliable Hal MacDonald, thanks Hal.

Happy New Year everyone...

Welcome!... to the new & returning members of the Stetson Flyers...

We wish you a long and happy relationship with the club...

(c) Dirk Voortmans, www.baha.be

Tuesday January 31 is the next scheduled meeting at the Aviation Museum. Catch up with club members and let everyone know what you have been upto this winter.

Meeting starts at 7:30, come around to the back door.

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