Aerobatics Interest Group (AIG)

Who are we?
We are Stetson members interested in improving our flying by learning proper aerobatics.

What are we doing?
We are learning to fly our airplanes in a controlled manner to execute specific aerobatic manoeuvres. We help each other with flying, aircraft and radio setups, and enjoy sharing our efforts and successes. We are having fun!

Who is eligible to join in?
ANY Stetson member in good standing is welcome to come enjoy learning and practicing with us.

When do we practice?
Wednesdays at Stetson field, and any time we are flying.
We try and meet Wednesdays to learn and practice together.

How can I join in?

Email Gary Robertson at

Come on out and have fun with us! We are a very friendly group. Bring what you've got and come fly.

This webpage will be updated with timely and relevant information as we collect it.
If you have something to contribute to our knowledge base on aerobatics, please forward it by email to us.


Aerobatic Sequence Information Link
How to read Aresti diagrams PDF
Aerobatic basic manoeuvers PDF
List of aerobatic sequences Link

Flying Tips Link
Trimming chart PDF
Stick plane template


Spotter duties


Aircraft Information Link
Flutter by Mike Buzzeo PDF
Goldsmith trim chart


Engines and Tuning Link
Engine cooling made easy


Timing a gas engine


Walbro service manual PDF
Radio &control setups Link
Peter Goldsmith trim procedure PDF
Isabel's radio setups for aerobatics


Websites Download Link
IMAC Website Link
RC Canada Aerobatics Forum Link
AMA Scale Competition Regulations


Cold Weather Starting Tips

Glow Engine fuel (methanol based) is a bit tougher to get burning in winter temperatures. To make starts much easier, prime with a shot of lighter fluid. (Ronson, Zippo, etc..)
-THANKS to Don Glandon for this one.

Glow Starter Batteries will drop in voltage as they cool down, just like all batteries. Keep them in your pocket to maintain temperature and adequate voltage to get that glow plug going!

Practice Day: Wednesday all day

Wednesdays (weather permitting) will be our declared practice day, with the hope that we can meet, fly and train together often.
Wednesdays will normally be the time slot for training seminars, tech sessions, etc. We can meet under the big shelter to do this even in less than ideal flying weather.

HOWEVER: Aerobatics practicing can be done on every flight, every time you fly. Have a flight plan when you take off and use your air time productively.

Remember to use a caller/spotter if you are flying sequences or any time it's busy.


5800 Frontier Road, 
Vars, ON, Canada

Google Maps Link



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