Event: Ed Rae Memorial Fun Fly

This flying event is normally held in June.

Who was Ed Rae?

Ed Rae joined the Air Force in 1943 when he was 18 years old. He was a rear gunner on a Halifax aircraft. He was shot down near the end of the war and became a prisoner of war in Barth Germany. When he was released after the war, he came home and became a draftsman at Rockcliffe Air Base. He later worked as a Production Artist for the Department of Foreign Affairs where he was discovered by Alan Beddoe (a local heraldry expert) to be a part of a group of people to transcribe names of fallen soldiers that had died during WW11, into the Book of Remembrance located in the Peace Tower at Parliament Hill. He later became quite active with a group called the International Group of Prisoners of War. He put out a semi-annual newsletter and attended many reunions. Unfortunately, both he and his wife (Irene Rae) died in a car accident on October 27, 2001.

Ed Rae was really active in the Stetson Flyers. He was responsible for producing signage for the club, whenever asked. He would never say no. That was large signs for displays , for small shows or displays at the museum. He was our first contractor, for cutting the grass at the field. We had to insist on pay for work performed. Ed was always available to help. Rarely he missed a meeting. His career, he was a graphics designer. Would never take money for any signs that he produced for the club. He was on the Canadian MAAC Nationals committee in 1987. For this major event he provided his services the event logo, signs, poster, crests, pins, trophies (something like 125 trophies). 

He was a very generous man and our friend.

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