Stetson Documents

Category: Registration
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2024 Membership Registration Form stetson_membership_form_2024.pdf 2023-11-14 Gary Puppa
Category: IMAC Aerobatics
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Basic Aerobatic Manoeuvers Aerobatics_basic_moves_2022-07-29.pdf 2022-07-29 Gary Robertson
Competition Regulations AMA_RC_Scale_Aerobatics_2024-2025.pdf 2024-01-01 Academy of Model Aeronautics
Flutter Article Flutter_2022-07-29.pdf 2022-07-29 Mike Buzzeo
How to read Aresti diagrams Aresti_Made_Simple_2022-07-29.pdf 2022-07-29 Barry Wegman
Radio Setups for Aerobatics Radio Setups for Aerobatics_2012-10-30.pdf 2012-10-30 Isabel Deslauriers
Spotter Duties Spotter_Duties_2022-07-29.pdf 2022-07-29 Gary Robertson
Stick Plane Template Stick_Plane_2022-07-29.jpg 2022-07-29 Gary Robertson
TIming a gas engine Timing_a_gas_engine_2022-07-29.pdf 2022-07-29 Ralph Cunningham, Steve Cahill
Trimming Chart Trim_Chart_2022-07-29.pdf 2022-07-29 Gary Robertson
Trimming Chart Aerobatic_Trimming_Chart_2022-07-29.pdf 2022-07-29 Goldsmith
Trimming Procedure Trimming_Procedure_2022-07-29.pdf 2022-07-29 Peter Goldsmith
Walbro Carburetor Walbro_carburetor_servicemanual_2022-07-29.pdf 2022-07-29 Walbro
Category: Flying Field
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Field Calls Field-Calls-r1_2024-04-11.pdf 2024-04-11 Pierre Coulombe
Grass Trimming Checklist Grass-Trimming-Instructions_2023-04-26.pdf 2024-04-26 Michael Lalonde
Share The Skies Share-the-Skies_2023-06-03.pdf 2023-06-03 Pierre Coulombe
Stetson Field Information Stetson-Field-Information_2024-04-04.pdf 2024-04-04 Pierre Coulombe
Stetson Field Rules Stetson-Field-Rules_2024-03-27.pdf 2024-03-27 Pierre Coulombe
Stetson Field Site Survey Stetson-Field-Site-Survey_2024-01-25.pdf 2024-01-25 Pierre Coulombe
Category: Flight School
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Flight School Getting Started Flight-School-Getting Started-2024-04-15.pdf 2024-04-15 Nigel Chippindale
Category: NOTAM
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How to look up and read NOTAMs How-to-look-up-and-read-NOTAMs_2024-01-22.pdf 2024-01-22 Pierre Coulombe
Implementation of MAAC NOTAM 23-04 Stetson Field Implementation-of-MAAC-NOTAM-23-04-Stetson Field-v1_2024-01-22.pdf 2024-01-22 Pierre Coulombe
Category: Winter Flying
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Winter Flying Reminders Winter-Flying-Reminders-2024-01-02.pdf 2024-01-02 Pierre Coulombe
Winter Flying Tips Winter-Flying-Tips_2023-12-22.pdf 2023-12-22 M. Lalonde & N. Chippindale

5800 Frontier Road, 
Vars, ON, Canada

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Stetson Flyers Model Airplane Club 
PO Box 91542 RPO Mer Bleu 
Orleans, ON, K1W 0A6