The Stetson Flyers RC Club is run by volunteers. We have many opportunities where you can give back to the community. In a nutshell, it’s your club, and your club needs you. So, please think about it. What do you have to offer? Can you spare some time and energy during the year to do something for the club that taps into your natural abilities and skills? Would you like to challenge yourself and gain experience at something new?

Executive Positions:

Members of the Stetson Executive are elected or appointed at the club's Annual General Meeting (AGM) every October. Click HERE for the next AGM meeting. Positions that are not filled at the AGM, have a status of Vacant in the table.

President   Elected Filled
Vice-President   Elected Filled
Treasurer   Elected Filled
Secretary   Elected Filled
Events Director   Elected Filled
Field Coordinator   Appointed Filled
Safety Officer   Appointed VACANT
Chief Flying Instructor (CFI)   Appointed Filled
Webmaster   Appointed Filled

Click HERE to see of this years Executive Board members and how to contact them.

Other Volunteering Roles:

This table lists the various opportunities where you can give back to your club.

Event Coordinators

Working with the Event Director, we need members to organize and run club events like the 1 January First Flight (easy), the Winter Fun Fly, the Ed Rae Memorial

You should also know that instructions and checklists are available to help coordinators organize events. The role of the coordinator is to assemble a crew and make sure that everything is planned and organized. This requires some time and some thought in the weeks leading up to the event, as well as attendance at the event itself. However, it is not a difficult task. Members of the executive committee will also support you every step of the way.

Organizing one event per year can be handled by almost anyone. Click HERE for a list of events.

Canteen Coordinators The Canteen coordinator(s) (one or two people) would be responsible for managing the canteen inventory throughout the season. This would include purchasing, storing, and transporting the food and supplies to and from events. The canteen coordinators need storage space including access to freezer space. The canteen coordinators would work with the events director and each event coordinator to ensure that events have sufficient canteen supplies while minimizing waste. This is an important function, because it will be more effective and efficient to have (a) dedicated canteen coordinator(s) than handing over the inventory from one event coordinator to the next. Click HERE for a list of events.  
Pit crews, cooks and other helpers Working with the Events Coordinator and Cateen coordinators, these jobs are invaluable to the success of events. We need BBQ cooks & helpers for the canteen, parking control and 50/50 draws. Click HERE for a list of events.  
Weekly Grass Trimming

Our grass cutting contract only includes grass cutting. We need volunteers to do the grass trimming around the fences, curbs and ditches ourselves, using the contractor’s two grass trimmers. 

We usually have 18-20 cuts per season, with two helpers needed per cut. So, with a crew of 12, each person would have to do it only three times.   The job takes about 30 minutes per person. It is usually at 9:00 am on Fridays, from mid-May to mid-October.

Spring and Fall Field Cleanup We need about 16-18 members for the spring cleanup and about 8-12 for the fall cleanup to ensure the work gets done quickly. With the right number of people, it involves a half day of work at the field. The Field Coordinator and the President do all the background coordination and preparation. Click HERE for the dates of the spring and fall field cleanups.  
Flying Instructor Assist the Chief Flying Instructor with the Stetson Flight School.  
Social Media and Website Facebook administration, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube. Also, website management and updates.  
Winter Meeting Special Presentations We always need a handful of members to present interesting topics during our winter club meetings. We need 3-4 presentations per year  

 To volunteer or request more information, please visit our Contact Us page. 




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