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Students graduated in 2010:

Stetson Flight Instructors

It's time to join me (again) for the 2017 Stetson Flight School!

Fun!, challenging, encouraging, gratifying and always rewarding... YOU are the key to success!

This year looks to be bigger and better with your vital help and the return of last years students and a bunch of new ones. Most of last years instructors have confirmed they are coming back for more this year which is awesome! Thank you!

Want to be part of the team?

What do I need to do? That's a good question.

  1. REGISTER by sending your CFI an email via this link...Stetson Flight School Instructor Registration 2017.

  2. Familiarize yourself with the Stetson Flight School Instructors role.

  3. Contact your CFI to schedule an appropriate time to fly the exam as detailed in the document above.

  4. Thats it!.

Note: If you are a returning instructor from the 2016 season, you must register above. Beginning 2013, the instructors flight exam is to be flown each year. Once registered, time will be set aside to complete the check flights.

Make a difference, join the team!




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