Name: Claude Dostaler
MAAC: 83244
Stetson participation: Member
Year started modelling: 2010
Joined Stetsons: 2011
Modelling interests: Electric non specific fixed wing and multicopter aircraft -- New technology flying aids
Current Favourite Model: Yet to be determined
Contact: dostaler.claude
Other interests: Family - Motorcycle outings - International travel.
Bio: For as long as I can remember, flight has been a fascination for me starting with a line model which spent more time on the ground than in the air. This was in the late 50's and hobby support was not what it is today so the interest in model flying was soon replaced with golfing and sailing pursuits... but not forgotten. In the late 80's, I obtained my Glider Pilot Certificate and a few years later became an instructor at the Gatineau Gliding Club. After 15 years of gliding club involvement and facing extensive international travel promoting Canadian telecommunication technologies, family interest turned to motorcycling for pleasure and adventure. The cold of our Canadian winters makes our yearly trip to South East Asia a fantastic two month get-away.

Coming from an electronic technical background, I am fascinated by how quickly new technologies are becoming available and affordable to the hobbyists. Remote control, telemetry, auto-pilot systems, FPV, etc, are but a few of the rapidly developing areas which are of interest to me.... I only hope time will allow me to become as proficient in their application and use as I would like to be.

The Stetsons Flyers Model Airplane Club is providing an ideal environment to enjoy this exciting hobby. Membership has allowed me to meet very friendly and knowledgeable people who do not hesitate the share their expertise in model flying. Club events have also permitted social opportunities for family participation....nothing more rewarding to see one's grandchildren excited about the hobby interests of their grandfather, all of this while enjoying a tasty burger from the club's BBQ. Many thanks to the executive and all the volunteers!

Updated: March 7, 2014