Name: Simon 'Goose' Nadler
MAAC: 76242
Stetson participation: Chief Flying Instructor & Webmaster
Year started modelling: 1974
Joined Stetsons: 2006
Modelling interests: Scale (all types), Warbirds, giant scale aircraft
Current Favourite Model: Aeroworks Edge 540 50cc aerobat
Website: Goose's World
Other interests: Photography, machining, WWII history.
Bio: I've loved aviation from as far back as I can remember starting at 8 years old when my parents got me started with balsa chuck gliders which my friends and I would fly to destruction. My first kit was a Modelair Wasp rubber powered indoor glider (flown outdoors). My dad bought me a Cox PT-19 control line trainer for my 10th birthday which was flown for many years.

From there my friends and I progressed through electric 'around the pole', control line (scale, aerobatics & combat), free flight gliders (Modelair Tern & Swallow), David Boddington's Tyro Major (1st R/c), R/C Modeler (1980) Big Bird Too, water powered rockets, R/c Warbirds, R/c gliders, Slope soarers, Slope combat, giant scale, scale aerobats to giant scale warbirds today.

A brief couple of years was spent flying hang gliders and parapente's. Although not model related, we often flew slope soaring gliders when the conditions weren't right for our parapente's.

I love the challenge of building and use my years as an engineering draughtsman along with 2D & 3D software to create parts which I'm teaching myself to machine with a CNC lathe and mill setup. I've decided to build nothing but large scale warbirds for the remainder of my building and flying days.

I enjoy being active in the club running the Flight School and the website... it's important to 'give back' and participate... I'll do so until I can't any longer.

Updated: March 21, 2014