Name: Hal MacDonald
MAAC: 79637
Stetson participation: Vice President and Safety Officer
Year started modelling: 1960's
Joined Stetsons: 2008
Modelling interests: Scale, warbirds, foamies, FPV, Quad racing
Current Favourite Model: Multiplex FunCub
Other interests: Family, flying with friends, aircraft, military, history, reading, MAAC
Bio: Growing up on PEI near a Military Airbase, always loved the sight, sound and smell of aircraft. My dad being a gun plumber (Air Weapons' Tech), got me started at a very young age, first with toy aircraft, books, plastic models, kites (brown paper), gliders; and then into building and flying Guillow's rubber powered aircraft. I seem to remember building several wooden aircraft out of bomb crates, adding the wings, prop etc. and getting into it to fly (swinging it from the tree). Some of my first crashes and parachute jumps (Gibson Girl chutes) occurred; my first flight simulator so to speak.

While still in High School (1972) and a member of the 17th PEIR militia, my passion for aircraft led me to enlist in the Canadian Armed Forces. Upon graduation; did boot camp, and then off to Borden to be trained as an aircraft Life Support Equipment technician (SST 531). On my first posting to CFB Chatham, NB, some of my new military friends introduced me to flying control line with the Goldberg Lil Wizard, .049 Black Widow and prop bites.

Shortly after this time, one of these friends showed up with a model plane, wires not included. After seeing him fly (Falcon 56) I was hooked on R/C and later purchased my first (of many) R/C aircraft, a Sig three channel Kadet and Circus Circus transmitter. Continued R/C flying after being posted to Germany (CFB Baden-Soellingen Radio Control Club), becoming Club Safety Officer. One thing about flying around Canadian and American military bases, Concertina barb wire is not very airplane or pilot friendly, nor easy to recover an aircraft from. Upon our return to Canada, we were not permitted to fly anywhere near the airbase, my interest in R/C waned. I sold my all my R/C equipment in order to buy my first computer, a Commodore Vic 20.

Several decades later, more postings, in 2000 I retired from active service, re-married, new job and re-located in the Ottawa area. Spent the next 15 years working for DND as a Publications/QMS contractor while still enjoying my books computers and twin grand-daughters.

For better or worse in 2008, I can credit my lovely wife for getting me back into Radio Control aircraft; something about getting my backside away from the computer, get out of the house and find something to do (if you know my wife, a subtle hint). A trip to one of the local hobby shops in Orleans rectified that situation and saved the day. After a long discussion on trainers, radios, clubs and things; say hello to the debit machine, the Hobbico NexStar, ground maintenance support equipment and the Stetson Flyers. Five months later, nominated for club vice president, I did accept right?

Time seems to fly as well as some of my aircraft; pretty much fly/crash (repeat if necessary); everything from micros, quads, to electric, nitro and now starting to get into giant scale electric, gas, and FPV.

Currently I am one of the Assistant Zone G Directors; MAAC committees member, vice-president and Safety officer for the Stetson Flyers Model Airplane Club; and last but not least, my wife's pit/maintenance crew.

Now getting older and grey, my flying style is Low and Slow - Warbirds, Pawnees and Cubs seem to be my thing..... Still gives me goose bumps.

My little piece of heaven: A good day at the flying field for me is flying with my wife and friends, meeting other flyers and the public, and visiting other R/C clubs and MAAC events.

Other interests include: Family, friends, military, books, history, aircraft, computers, and photography.

As someone once said, "Happy Landings".

Updated: October 20, 2015