Name: Jean-Maurice Moreau
MAAC: 89940
Stetson participation: Member
Joined Stetsons: 2015
Modelling interests: Dollar foam board electric planes, War planes
Other interests: Micro-controllers, photography, oil painting
Bio: Retired in 2013. I have always been interested in WWI and II model aiplanes. Constructed a .049 balsa Sopwith Camel 20 years ago but never had courage to fly it. Early 2015, my interest got revitalized when watching FliteTest videos where they build electric planes using dollar foam boards. I got hooked and wanted to enjoy same type of fun flying inexpensive electric planes. I built their FT Storch and used it as my trainer plane. I have so much to learn in this field. My planes: Polaris XT, FT Storch, FT Guinea Pig, FT BF109, FT Explorer, FT Mini Vector, FT F-22 Raptor, FT SnowBall, SE5A.

Updated: April 3, 2016