Name: John Jackson
MAAC: 34479
Stetson participation: Treasurer & Secretary
Year started modelling: 1986
Joined Stetsons: 1986
Modelling interests: Small Electrics and Night Flying
Current Favourite Model: FENIX Foamy converted to RC for Night Flying
Website: (this is my engraving company)
Other interests: Wood working, wood turning, engraving
Bio: My dad got me interested in RC when he was experimenting with electric airplanes in the '70s. His Astro Flight power system would turn a 9X6 prop at 5000 RPM for five minutes and weighed about 3.5 pounds. Today that amount of power would be measured in grams!

Not counting stick and tissue models built at a younger age, my first real RC model was a Playboy Senior. I believe it was the first electric that the Stetson's had seen and my instructor, Walter McMillan did not really know what to make of it. I think he got as much verbal abuse as I did. At the time if it wasn't smelly and noisy and have oil dripping everywhere, it was not a real airplane. Thankfully times have changed!

Every fall I enjoy heading down to NEAT, a large electric only event east of Binghamton, NY.

Updated: March 7, 2014