Name: John 'Grosbeak' Rest
MAAC: 83386
Stetson participation: Regular flyer
Year started modelling: 2010
Joined Stetsons: 2011
Modelling interests: Gas powered fixed wing airplanes and the modification and maintenance of same
Current Favourite Model: Slipstream 29% SBach 342
Website: Grosbeak RC
Other interests: Camping, photography, making stuff.
Bio: I got my start in aeromodelling when my darling wife bought me a Super Cub LP for Christmas in 2010. After a couple of park flights in early 2011 I was hooked and went looking for a club. I found the Stetsons and the flight school and purchased a Hobbistar trainer, spent that summer learning to fly and got my wings. Next year I moved up to a low wing sport plane and gas power and the year after it was a bigger aerobatic plane.

I'm rarely satisfied with stock. All of my airplanes have been modified, most of them extensively. I tend to take lots of photos of the process - some appear on my website (see the link above) and many appear on RC aviation web forums. For me, time in the shop is as much fun as time at the field - sometimes more!

Stetson Flyers has been an excellent place for me to learn and grow in the hobby. Great people, great field and a dedicated executive make all the difference.

Updated: March 21, 2014

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