Name: Jon Harper
MAAC: 17919
Stetson participation: Volunteer, chasing some wings
Year started modelling: 1970 to 1980 then took a 30 year "break"
Joined Stetsons: 2013
Modelling interests: Warbirds, scale anything, stick and balsa construction, electric motors are amazing.
Current Favourite Model: Lancaster bomber
Other interests: Travel, the cottage, family.
Bio: Started with 049's Control line when I was 10. Built lots of balsa and tissue RC airplanes, Junior Falcon, Falcon 56, Eagle 52, etc, etc. Had about 15 airplanes hanging from my bedroom ceiling by the time I was 16. Then I noticed females and got distracted for about 30 years.

My wife gave me a Tidewater about two years ago and I couldn't believe how much RC gear had improved and prices decreased. I have set a limit of 15 planes for myself, so if I want more some have to disappear! Do I have a problem? Possibly.

Really enjoy the special events that Stetson put on during the flying season, especially scale over Ottawa.

Updated: December 21, 2014