Name: Yves Dostaler
MAAC: 88353
Stetson participation: Student
Year started modelling: 2014
Joined Stetsons: 2014
Modelling interests: Glow and electric (coming soon) trainers.
Current Favourite Model: Hobbistar 60
Other interests: RC Surface activities, Robotics, Piano playing.
Bio: I have over 35 years experience as electronic technologist.

I got involved with RC airplanes by joining the Stetson Flyers club (and MAAC) to properly and safely assist and encourage my young son Jeremy into his non ending very enthousiastic dream of flying airplane, copter, air balloon, or whatever can be controlled to stay up in the air.

I am also learning the addictive concept of this activity and enjoying it very much.

Updated: December 21, 2014