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For Sale...

Welcome... to the Stetson For Sale/Wanted page. You can E-mail me with your adverts and I will post them here. I will not enter into any communication between buyer and seller, so provide an e-mail address and/or telephone number. You will need to keep me up-to-date for this to work... good luck!

Chris Rebidoux is selling...

1/5 PICA WACO YMF-3, Airframe only, no engine, receiver or servos. It has been covered with monokote-type covering and has become quite brittle. The plane has not flown in 4-5 years but flew beautifully back then. It is going to need a refurbishment. There are some very nice scale detailing that has been done and it has a fiberglass cowl. I'm asking $225.

Chris Rebidoux (ccrebidoux@yahoo.com)

Added: 17 October, 2019.

Andy Zidar is selling...

I have the following items for sale, NIB:

1. Aeroworks Extra 300 .60-.90; ($375)
2. DLE 20cc gas engine, w/IGN/Muffler; ($275)
3. O.S. FS 95V 4 stroke (QT:1) ($400)
4. Hitec HS-5645MG Servos (QT:7) ($45 each)


Added: 14 October, 2019.

John Elkin is selling...

1. Ultra Hots Ready to Fly - scratch built from Dan Santich plans $325.00 Cash Firm
Wingspan = 81" Length = 64.5 One piece wing - Fabric Covered Airframe - Powered by a US Engines (Quadra) 41cc gas engine c/w spring starter - Flight battery & Futaba 72MHz receiver included.
Analog servos: 1-Throttle Futaba S128 c/w EMS BB Conversion; 2 - Aileron Hitec HS-545BB; 2 - Elevator Futaba S3001 c/w EMS BB conversion setup in a dual redundancy configuration (see photos); 1 - Rudder Futaba FP-S134 High Torque
Great solid performing aerobatic airplane. Many more hours of fun to be had with this one!

2. . Great Planes Giant Aeromaster Ready to Fly - built from kit $325.00 Cash Firm *SOLD*
Wingspan = 73" Length = 63" Two - one piece wings - Fabric Covered Airframe - Powered by a US Engines (Quadra) 41cc gas engine c/w spring starter - Flight battery & Futaba 72MHz receiver included.
Analog servos = 1 - Throttle Futaba S128 c/w EMS BB Conversion; 2 - Aileron Hitec HS-645MG; 2 - Elevator Futaba S3001 c/w EMS BB conversion setup in a dual redundancy configuration (see photos); 1 - Rudder Hitec HS-645MG
Great solid performing airplane. Many more hours of barnstorming and scale aerobatics to be enjoyed by any biplane lover.

3. Great Planes Revolver 61-91/EP Plug and Play - add your own receiver $300.00 Cash Firm *SOLD*
Wingspan = 70" Length = 58.5" Two piece wing - Original Top Flite Monokote Covered Airframe - Powered by an OS Max .91 2-Stroke engine - Flight battery
Analog servos = 1-Throttle Futaba S128 c/w EMS BB Conversion; 2 - Aileron Hitec HS-545BB; 1 - Elevator Hitec HS-625BB; 1 - Rudder Hitec HS-625BB
Great solid aerobatic airplane with unlimited vertical performance. This model is ready to provide many more hours of fun!
**Please note the Hitec 2.4 GHz receiver show in photo is not included.**

4. Carl Goldberg SR. Falcon - Deluxe Kit $125.00 Cash Firm
Wingspan = 69" Length = 53" For .35 to .45 engines - Deluxe Kit includes a hardware package.
The Simplest, Sound, Attractive Airplane for Competition or Multi-Training. (As advertised on the Kit Box.)

5. Super-Brigadier - Vintage Berkley Model Airplane Construction Kit from 1949 $90.00 Cash Firm
Wingspan = 58" For .19 - .29 engines 3-channel R/C
For Radio Control & Pay-Load Contest Flying

6. PRECEDENT 1/4 Scale Series STAMPE SV4B - master builder's KIT $250.00 Cash Firm
Wingspan = 82" Length = 68" Additional magazine articles with documentation included.
The SV.4 was designed as a biplane tourer/training aircraft in the early 1930s, by Stampe et Vertongen in Antwerp. The first model was the SV.4A, an advanced aerobatic trainer, followed by the SV.4B with redesigned wings and the 130 hp/97 kW de Havilland Gipsy Major engine. Only 35 aircraft were built before the company was closed during the Second World War. After the war the successor company Stampe et Renard built a further 65 aircraft between 1948 and 1955 as trainers for the Belgian air Force.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgA0G35j0WU - link to flight video

7. Fabric Covering Package:
Includes: Black Baron Coverite, K&S SILKSPAN & Nitrate Dope $250.00 Cash Firm
One roll and One part roll with only odds'n ends of White Black Baron Coverite
Four boxes of Vintage Genuine K&S SILKSPAN: (definately 4 boxes of silkspan, found one more box after photo was taken)
One box of OO weight = 19-1/2 x 24-1/2 x 34 pcs per Box
OO is for Rubber Powered and Small Gas Models

Two boxes of GM = 24 x 36 x 16pcs per Box
GM - for Medium Sized Gas Models

One box of SGM~ =26-1/2 x 33 x 16pcs per Box
SGM - for Large Gas Models, High Speed Stunt and Combat Models

One gallon of Randolph Products Clear Nitrate Dope


9. Texson 12 Volt Starter Needs new rubber/silicon rasp. $30.00 Cash Firm

10. Tower Hobbies Tower Power Deluxe 12-Volt Starter - Needs battery and new rubber/silicon rasp. $30.00 Cash Firm

11. Sullivan Hi-Tork 12 Volt Stater $40.00 Cash Firm

12. Sullivan DynaTron Super Hi-Tork Starter $75.00 Cash Firm

Contact: John Elkin
Phone: 613-733-5810
email: felkin@bell.net

Updated 23 July, 2019.

Brian MacMillan is selling...

Aa brand new in the box Great Planes PT 40 Trainer.

Brand new OS 46 in the box.

Glues, epoxy's, brushes, x-acto set with saw.

As pictured.

I have over 500.00 invested, I would like to get 350.00.

I am negotiable.

Brian Mac Millan
613 748 1281

Added: 8 June, 2018.

Louis Tremblay is selling...

A 6 channel digital proportional Futaba Tx/Rx which I purchased about a year ago but never used. Comes with 4 standard size servos. No batteries. Asking $ 150.

An almost completed Stevens Aeromodel G-480 pattern/aerobatic electric flyer. Comes with never used E-Flite Park 480 motor, Castle Thunderbird 36 speed control, prop and spinner. Asking $ 170. ( I do park fly another electric for the time being)

I am an experienced builder/flyer but no longer have time since I am renovating a newly purchased house. I used to be with the Ailerons (club) a few years back. They are now located too far for my liking.

Anyway, my e-mail is L.Tremblay@uOttawa.ca and phone number is 819-665-7944.

Gros merci.

Louis Tremblay

Added: 28 April, 2018.

David Batten is looking for...

Matching pair of engines.

2 X 2-Stroke 0.46 to 0.55
2 X 4-Stroke .70 to .90

Contact: David.

Added: 19 April, 2018.


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